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Egypt: Giza Pyramids and Sphinx
Acropolis, the Greek Parthenon
Mexico: Mayan Pyramid

The AIA Westchester Society sponsors a regular schedule of lectures based on archaeological research. It also has an active Book Club, guided visits to museums, and events of archaeological interest.  Members are mailed a Bulletin with news of our programs and other activities in our area and will receive eblast notifications. For program details, Click the PROGRAMS page of this web site. Click the BOOKCLUB  page on this web site for detailed information about our current meeting and a list of books we have read in the past.

Our Next Program:

America’s Hidden History: A Bucket List for “Time Travelers”  

Speaker: Ken Feder, Central Connecticut State University

Date:       October 25, 2015

Time:       2:00 PM

Location: Scarsdale Library, Olmsted Road, Scarsdale

Lunch:     12:00   call Peter Feinman or email    


Consult the PROGRAMS  page of this web site for further information.   And if you have not already sent in your annual membership dues, you may use the information on the ABOUT US page of this website to make it easy.

Our Next Book Club Meeting: 

NEXT MEETING:    Thursday October 15th at 1:30 p.m.
PLACE:                   Greenburgh Public Library
BOOK:                    MESOPOTAMIA: EYEWITNESS SERIES by Philip Steele
for further details please see the Book Club Page of this web site.


All programs (except members-only trips) are free of charge 

And all are welcome to enjoy our activities.   However,  in order to keep on supplying  high quality programming, we need your support as a member of the Friends of the AIA Westchester Society.  You may join at any of our meetings or send in your membership dues ($30.00) as described on the ABOUT US page of this website.  If you appreciate what we do, help us continue by becoming a member of our Friends.  We thank you very much.